Quality Chew Toys for Dogs

Here at Lumabone, we make long-lasting chews – made irresistible by the scent and flavor of real bacon.

Our products come in ergonomic shapes that are great for getting a good chew on. The Wishbone comes in 3 sizes: Mini, Regular and Jumbo. The Dental Chew comes in 2 sizes: Mini and Regular. For sizing suggestions, see our product grid below:




Under 90 lbs.

8.3" x 5.5"

9.6 oz



Under 55 lbs.

7.0" x 4.8"

6.3 oz



Under 25 lbs.

5.3" x 3.8"

3.6 oz



Under 55 lbs.

7.5" x 4.4"

8.3 oz



Under 25 lbs.

5.5" x 3.5"

4.9 oz


These features form the core of all Lumabone products:


Doggone Great Design

When you’ve got paws, it can be hard to get ahold of a chew toy. Our innovative designs make it easy for dogs to get a good grip and get chewing!



We’ve picked super durable nylon as the basis for our long-lasting, non-edible products. Our nylon chew toys are a designed to keep even determined chewers busy for hours.


Real Bacon Flavor

Dogs are known for their incredibly sensitive sense of smell. All our products are flavored with 100% food-grade bacon that’s sourced in the USA. That irresistible bacon flavor and scent is infused throughout. You won’t be able to smell the bacon, but rest assured, your dog can!



Bacon and Nylon are the only two ingredients in our dog chew toys and we believe that's the simplest way to deliver a value-priced, honest product that can keep up with our high-powered chewers.  You’ll never find artificial flavors in a Lumabone.


Made in USA

Why Made in the USA? Improved quality and safety?  Supporting the American economy and its workers?  At Lumabone, we believe in all of the above. We source all our ingredients in the USA and our chew toys are exclusively produced at our factories in the US.




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